Build and Scale Your Team with Talent and Skills

SMX is an edu-tech company in Macedonia, one of the fastest-growing markets for IT companies and professionals in South-Eastern Europe.

We adopt a unique approach to educating and training our students, first by selecting the top talent from STEM education and then by guiding them through a custom-tailored curriculum that transforms them from individuals with untapped potential to problem-solving-oriented software developers.

We deliver the total package, which includes identifying young talent and preparing them for a career at the professional level. Simultaneously, we help businesses recruit skilled developers at a lower cost than in the USA and Western Europe.

What Can We Help You With

Whether you are a company that recruits developers with great experience and competence or desires to invest in junior teams that will grow into brilliant developers that play an essential role in the company, we can help you build and scale your team at a much faster rate with a significant difference in cost. We have extensive knowledge of the IT market in Macedonia and can assist you by finding a partner company that can handle additional requirements and preferences.

Hire Junior Developers
at Scale

We have a unique method of selecting prospects and developing competent junior developers. Our applicants must pass through a series of assessments before being admitted into our training programs. This process enables us to evaluate their talent, focus, and dedication to succeed. Armed with the leadership from our team of experienced mentors, we get the most out of our students and ensure they can contribute to the success of our partner companies.

Find High Skilled and Experienced Developers

Finding competent and experienced developers is a challenge every company encounters. At SMX, we are familiar with this puzzle. Hence, we have established a network of high-profile professionals from Macedonia who might be the missing piece of your development team. With a growing number of developers, companies have a unique opportunity to select the best talent.

Open Offices
In Macedonia

Macedonia, being one of the fastest-growing markets in Southeast Europe, represents an attractive location for IT companies to invest and expand their operations. Where do we come in hand? Setting up shop here is something we can help you with while guiding you through the ins and outs of opening a company and showing you how to maximize your investment.

Partner With
IT Companies

We’ve been part of the IT world for six years. We are well-acquainted with the market possibilities in Macedonia. As a member of MASIT, the official chamber of commerce for IT companies, we can introduce you to several potential partner companies. With the help of our connections, your company will have the possibility of establishing several partnerships. By utilizing their technological capabilities and resources, your company will scale more swiftly.

What SmartClick has to say about SMX

SMX has a very unique and professional approach to finding young talent and training them to be ready and equipped with the latest technology. Our web development department has used SMX to get fresh talent that has great potential to learn and grow.

Milan Savov

CEO & Co-founder of SmartClick
Web development and SEO agency

David Cuklevski

CEO & Co-founder of Ludotech
Software development company

What Ludotech has to say about SMX

The organisation, the services as well as the concept of the training at SMX successfully correspond to the IT market needs. Moreover, communication with the team takes place at a high level with constant cooperation in the current process.


To deliver the best educational experience for digital skills by providing a unique approach to learning new material and taking on challenges that guide our students towards growth on a personal and business level. By motivating our students and shaping their talent, we aim to increase the scale of young professionals that work for international companies with many possibilities to grow and prosper.


To partner with companies that share our values of talent appreciation and desire to grow on a personal and professional level. We support them in expanding into new markets and scaling their team with team members we have trained with much better cost-effectiveness. Our goal is for businesses and individuals to establish a common language and build years of successful collaboration.

We are a team of young people full of energy and enthusiasm for learning and growing. At SMX, we strive to provide professional training for all individuals who want to acquire new or improve their knowledge and skills in the field of computer science, software development, marketing and design.

From the beginning, our principle is that each participant will master the material, regardless of how much time it takes. Our instructors are tirelessly dedicated to the project and that is one of the most important factors for the successful realisation of our training programs.

Gligor Rizov

Co-Founder and CEO

I'm a visionary and a dreamer that is always reaching for new hights by helping others achieve their goals. My team and I have built SMX to be a company that can make a signifficant difference in our students careers. I make sure our processes are working properly and I constantly try to do better with our students and clients.

Gorgi Mitev

Co-Founder & Head of Talent Aquisition

I consider myself a well-rounded communicator, both with my coworkers and with the clients I handle. I have led many distinct teams composed of different nationalities and cultures. As a manager, I research pain areas, identify obstacles, and solve them. My role at SMX is to organize the programs and their structure while maintaining our company culture.

Aleksandar Tokarev

Aleksandar is a senior programmer with an ambitious character who always tries to learn something more and who likes to share his experience and knowledge with others. Many years of experience as a Full-Stack engineer, with a great contribution on many different projects and platforms.

Vancho Stojkov

Vancho Stojkov is a software engineer with 15 years of experience. As one of the co-founders of the successful Macedonian IT story - Workshop, who started and raised the platform and then to the world level, Vancho has gained considerable experience in the field of JavaScript & React.JS.

Nenad Trajkovikj

Nenad is a graduate software engineer with 5+ years of experience. He is currently working as a full stack developer in a fast growing startup in Tallinn, Estonia. He has experience as a product manager, team lead and as a lecturer at several edu-tech companies.

Mario Krstevski

Mario is a ReactJS Guru, working with the technology for more than three years. He has been working as a Lead Front-End Developer in a start-up company for more time and already organises his own courses and gives lectures where he spreads his knowledge.

Nenad Ristov

Nenad is a programmer with four years of programming experience. He has extensive knowledge of Python, as well as Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery), Java, C++, Pascal, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL. He describes himself as ambitious, adventurous, adrenaline junkie and lifelong learner.

Dimitar Bochvarovski

Dimitar is a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Web Development. He has worked on several projects related to e-commerce, dashboards, domain name platforms and SaaS applications. He has been actively engaged in and studying blockchain technology for a year and has obtained the title of Certified Ethereum Developer from CensenSys Academy.

Why Talent
From Macedonia?

As one of the fastest growing markets in South-Eastern Europe for IT services, Macedonia is becoming a major player in the industry of creating new and high-quality talented professionals that have great potential. As one of the most attractive career paths in the country, software development is attracting a huge number of students that want to learn and work as software developers.

The industry is getting a lot of traction in the last few years, with a very high number of new companies starting from scratch or opening an office in Macedonia. This is because of the constant stream of new developers joining the industry and that number is only going to go up.

Macedonia has a strong foundation in guiding and teaching young people in the STEM fields. With the number of students growing because of the many possibilities after graduation, there is a lot of untapped potential to be explored and nurtured.

With remote work being the standard now, finding talent in Macedonia can be much easier than other countries. The workforce is one of the best in SE Europe and the cost is attracting many investors and companies.

The average gross-salary for professionals in computer programming, consultancy and related services is just above 1500 USD, which is at least 60% lower than the salary in the US and Western Europe.

Foreign languages, especially English, are introduced to students from a very small age, being mandatory in elementary and high school. This helps instil fluency and proficiency from the start and makes talent more attractive.


What is the difference between SMX and an academic degree?
In an academic curriculum, students usually focus on obtaining theoretical knowledge. Through our programs and leadership, we take that knowledge and expand it by providing them with essential practical solutions.
Which technologies do we teach?
Our curriculum covers multiple technologies. We specialize in Full-Stack Web Development,. NET, Blockchain, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization.
Where do we operate?
We operate in several industries, including ICT, design, and marketing.
Why SMX?
We have been present in the education sector for over four years. The gathered knowledge enabled us to develop a unique approach to screening and selecting applicants.
What platform are we using to list our candidates?
We list all our candidates on our SMX Connect platform, to which our partner companies have complete access.
How many students complete our training programs each year?
Our focus is to have over 100 students who complete our academies yearly. Each represents the various technologies that we cover.
How do we select our students?
Our students come predominantly from STEM education. To get into our academies, they must complete a series of logical exams followed by questions that aid in character evaluation.

Why Start Working With SMX

With over 4 years of experience and north of 1700 students that have been part of our courses and training programs, we have great knowledge and experience of the market and we know what businesses need and how to train students to meet those needs.

Working with SMX means working with a partner that understands what kind of talent you are looking for and goes above and beyond to help your company find it. 

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